Menato 10 Poems

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I Wished

I wished on someday
If i saw her
I would stop her and tell her
Do you have twenty years from your time

Love Is Blind.

Love is like a war, easy to begin but hard to end Seduce my mind

and you can have my body. Find my soul and I'm yours forever.

There's No Way

My love

How can i get to you

Stole My Dignity!

I am surprised about those two characters that stole my dignity!

Hā̛ is like a fire and be is like I spent the night on that fire

How Will I

How will I drag my feet to her now?

In which land will I see her

The Glory

Spare me to win glory's forbidden prize.

Glory in hardship, sloth in comfort lies.

Times And Ethics

So like his Times are the ethics of Man

Part black, part white they seem in others' eyes

People's Faults

My faults, should you inquire, are legion.

Who is, amongst people, faultless?