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Grace Kelly's Portrait

I look at you all day long
you make me want to sing a song
your eyes sparkle through the day
look at me that's what they say

'A Small Boys Desire' Pt. Iii (Short Story)

I land in the snow and roll down a small hill. When I reach the bottom I brush the snow off of me and run towards the other kids playing.

It seems as if I get there just in time. They are about to pick sides for a game of war with snowballs. Out of breath I ask, “Can I play”. “Of course”, they shout.

A Short Story

A wind blows gently in the night, filling the place where I just left. Whistling down the beaten path, through trees that are green and amongst the fallen brush. Is this just wind or is this something else?

The Zoo

Otters, geese, and lizards are
Monkeys, giraffes, and peacocks by far
Ducks, bongos, and lions too
All are animals at the zoo

Upon Reflection

feeble you lay in one place
frailty is written on your face
hurt is prevalent everywhere
i just don't know how i should care

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11 November 2014

No, you can't chop your poppa up in Massachusetts.

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