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Even two years later, she still gets correspondence
addressed to him. Correspondence. This like that.

Men Throwing Bricks

The one on the ground lofts two at a time
with just the right lift for them to finish
their rise as the one on the scaffold turns

Summer Job

At the end of the work day
you could tell exactly how far you had gotten
and how much farther you had to go.

The Municipality

has given him a shirt
with his name on it.
Such is the way
of municipalities

Basement Barber

Here were said the words men say.
The oil stove winked its slit black eye;
it knew they did not have their way.

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Poet and essayist Michael Chitwood was born in Rocky Mount, Virginia. He earned a BA from Emory & Henry College and an MFA from the University of Virginia. In his work, Chitwood explores the Appalachian landscape of his youth and frequently draws on colloquial speech and themes. His many collections of poetry include Salt Works (1992), Whet (1995), ...

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