Michael Cochrane Poems

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Mother's Hands.

She cleaned stairs for the rich with hands that worked so very hard in cold Scottish winter's, to give us everlasting love, to bring Christmas to little children who didn't know her struggles, she's now in heaven and never a day goes by that I don't forget her sacrifice.


Take time to listen to the songs of birds, the trickle of a stream. Watch the sunrise and feel its warmth. In peace comes understanding find the song in your heart. Sing it and find yourself, be kind to all. love is all we need.

Natural World

We are a part of nature, as we grow in wisdom, in the future we will change the outcome of the earth, for beauty is to be found at the summit of the mountains.Discover the fragrance of the wild flowers, take a breath of the pine forest overflowing your senses, listen to birds, slowly be absorbed by the beauty of the natural world.

Let's Trust In Our Saviour.

Fly away from darkness look to the light of the world, happy will be the day when we are lifted up in glory to be bathed in his divine grace.

Frost On The Rose.

Petals encrusted by white frost the beauty of the rose. Sleet falls softly before the coming of the heavy snow. Ice covers a spiders web that trails between the thorns.

Awake Before Sunrise.

Morning I awake before sunrise, coming over the mountains. Breathing in the earth and sky. The stars are twinkling with a crescent moon. Thanking God for another day I pray.

Evening Shore.

We stand at twilight on the beach the sea spray splashing on the rocks. Gulls fly on high our souls flee to meet them through the waves to the heavens above. We are one together in you my dreams live for eternity.

New Year's Eve.

We remember our loved ones who have passed, reflecting on the past memories the good and the sad, it's important we tell our children that we love them and our partners as well as our parents.

Ayrshire Afternoon

Surrounding hills of green and heather I bathe in sunshine. Watching the gulls swooping across cloudless skies. I hear the songs of a blackbird, and a linnet echo in the Ayrshire afternoon. My soul is refreshed, calmness and tranquility in the springtime.

Lover's Lament.

Tears like falling rain, heart beating like a drum, the lovelight has dimmed in your eyes, we walked through green fields hand in hand. I only know I will keep on waiting for you to return.

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