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I left a place like oven
That got my tongue cloven

It was a cosmic travel

I took a trip down memory Lane;
My soul teleported to higher plane.
I was lost in reveries;
I found an angel that lives in my memories,

I have seen an angel sing
Whose voice lull me to sleep.
It's just so beautiful
Seeing an angel sing.

My love for you is till eternity
It has capacity to endure till eternity
Yes, I have integrity to stay by your side till eternity
I have loyalty to keep you by my side till eternity

A woman of integrity
An embodiment of beauty
An exemplar of charity
An archetype of dignity

A princess like an empress
Reigns like a tigress

Endowed with a physical form

Your presence is my pleasure
Happiness beyond measure.
Your absence brings pressure
Palpitations beyond measure.

Shepherd, why this jubilee?
Wise men, why this long journey?

Anna, why this long wait?

An amazing Angel of glory
With wings of shining glory
Dangling in the moonlight above,
Perched on a hill like a dove.

The brightest light of all lights
Condescends to make all things right.
Darkness tends to overcome the light;
The Sun in shame withdraws its light,

Diamonds aren't just beautiful stones,
They are precious and rare stones.
I know an empress whose heart glitters like a diamond;
Whose personality is like that of a diamond.

A pandemic coronated our world with thorns.
It stings came with fame
And locked down the busiest cities;
A reminder that this world has an end.

A Falcon soared skyward
Gracing and inspiring the world.

She dived from the peak

The world stood still at the birth of the Queen,
The hive was calm and serene,
She became the star of the hive,
And hums like the hive.

We sow discord,
Yet we're thirsty of peace.
We chant war,
Yet our ears call for euphonia.

O Ye that love to stay higher
Above others like a tower,
where lies Goliath with his power?
When David defeated power,

Oh Father!
A man full of fun and laughter.
Endowed with magnanimous heart
As big as the earth.

My heart is like a singing bird
Hovering over sea of birth.

Out of the sea of birth,

In this age of complexity,
The Valiant Spirit is so witty,
Housed in a young vibrant body,
Endowed with telepathy;

Shut the hell up
And let heaven talk.

Tie the hell up

The Best Poem Of Michael Ejire

The Beautiful Maiden

I left a place like oven
That got my tongue cloven

It was a cosmic travel
A trip to heaven

On the street of heaven
I met a beautiful maiden

Her lush voice hushes my fear
Her smile halts my tears

Her presence is like a safe haven
Her beauty like that of heaven

My heart is as big as the earth
Painted like an art

Her heart enveloped in my heart
Like a precious stone enclosed in the earth

Smile for me maiden
Let your smile makes my earth heaven

Fill my heart with thy glory
And all shall be hunky-dory

Dedicated to Glory Oluwabamidele
2019© Ejire Michael

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Bright 26 October 2018

You're an amazing poet.

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Stephanie 02 November 2018

Great upcoming Poet of our time

2 0 Reply
Prince Ade 03 November 2018

You've inspired a lot of people with your gift. Keep it up

1 0 Reply
Queen Bee 09 January 2020

I love the fact that you not only express yourself but you also pass messages through poems. Keep up the good work dear..

1 0 Reply
Angelina Paul 21 August 2019

Your poems have really touched me. Thanks Michael

1 0 Reply
Wright John 04 July 2019

Keep the good work going. Love your works.

1 0 Reply
Gerald lee 29 November 2018

You are great poet. Keep it up

1 0 Reply
Roseline Paul 05 November 2018

You are filled with wonderful artistry imaginations. A good poet man.

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'Life will be more meaningful when we live to make others happy. Put a smile on someone's face today'

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