Michael Maul Poems

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Caught In A Memory

As I walked to work I picked up a rose that begged to be sniffed. Delicious in it's innocence I was overwhelmed with a sense of security. My childhood came rushing back in an instant. Back to a time before I knew of betrayal, lies and deceit. Nature is nurturing to the innocent. At it's worst a thorn can not spread a rumour. Water is sustenance. My email serves as a contradiction to my existence. Paperless billing is a demon disguised as a child who fills a room with laughter. As an adult I see the rose for what it truly was, is and will be. A rose is a reminder of a life I don't deserve nor want, but need.

Iridium In Blue

Standing at the top of a hill overlooking the sadness of a weary society.
My will starting to break.
Tomorrow is not without mourning a future whose promise is of pain and conflict.
Can two groups in opposite directions peacefully co-exist outside of a daydream?

Steam Above Radiator

I sat on the porch as a flower bloomed on a beautiful spring day.
News of a shooting filled the air from within the living room.
My thoughts ebb and flow as the economy takes a turn for the worse.
Could a hurricane be the planet suffering from a flu caused by all the chemicals pumped out on a daily basis?

Loathing Of Embers

Brown hair that smells of vanilla lavender.
Lipstick that sets fire to my lips.
Curves that ensure childbirth at will.
6: 00 pm was a drug that kept a most innocent sailor intoxicated as he washed ashore.

Indefinite Closure

Tears of a weeping willow on a tree lined street in Biloxi indulge my depression.
You have earned every emotion you own.
Clouds of wisdom pass on the knowledge of the universal truth.
Death never looked so inviting as it does to the hopeless.

Flashback Forward

Tired eyes within an expression of lies.
Modesty sold to both youth and old.
Peering out of an unseen future.
Days spent in a sweatshop to pay rent on a house occupied by a phantom with no name.

Acceptance Of Denial

Taking it all in as if truth were subjective.
Truth is what you tell yourself it was, is or will be.
How do you flush out a sensation that you borrowed from someone you admire?
Authority was put into place to control the ability of the species.


As I wake up in a cold sweat from a night terror I cannot forget my mind unravels.
Anger has become an emotion I invest in with no interest accrued.
My torment is in knowing as the days grow longer my tolerance is becoming shorter.
I am programmed to obey my chemical imbalance if only to believe I am in control.

8 Hours A Night

As I stare at the night sky my mind wanders to a place I dare not go during waking hours.
I lied to the moon for a moments satisfaction that I will not experience again.
Death is having to live in a state of lucidity without reprieve from the horrors I have known.
As I serenade the angels of my better nature with a song of apathy which has no lyrics I am comforted by a truth known only to the universe.

For A Little Less

For a little less

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