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I am an average middle American Male. I don't take myself to serious, I am a poor speller, and I do not know the first thing about rules, style, and formatting. But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate those who do. I like a good poem. I don't usually like to work to figure it out, but I would love to be mysterious and clever... I fear I am nei ...

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To Be Touched

Your hot breath on my chest
Congers images of burning flesh
Bends life through a prism
And cast nothing

Painted Lady

I'm to obsessed with me to care about you
you're a good screw and you should feel good about that
how can you say I never tried
you remember the time I stayed the night

Type Set

Found an image of you in a book
books are for dogs
paper is for birds
i ripped the pages that came in contact with your image


What ever this is, is blasphemy
the look of sin and deceit
so beautiful, but incomplete
A smear tactic used out of context

I Put Ice In My Scotch

I put ice in my scotch
there I said it
the guilt
not an abundance

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