I'm a person

... not a game

It happened
So why deny

I speak the truth

Love to my left
Evil to my right
HIS love has taught me
You are not worth the fight

I'm impressed with the ease by which
you could sit back and idly observe,
while I was degraded and demeaned
by he who attempted to create the illusion

The strength of a man
may be evident through his words...

But the threats and pain such a man

In the end...
You, the Poison of My Soul
Will never overtake
The love in My heart

The Best Poem Of MICHAELSANGEL Rebirth


I'm a person

... not a game

I don't deserve

... all the blame

So, tell me who

... has the right?

To paint me in

... this negative light?


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Basith Mohammed 20 June 2010

Good Job! I like your poetry style...

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MICHAELSANGEL Rebirth Popularity

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