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Michelle is a visually impaired writer who has been writing since an early age. She writes not only poetry, but fiction as well. She has poems on Booksie as well as Wordpress. She lives and writes in Edmonton Alberta and is happily married.

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Hiding Behind A Mask

A wave, gesture, or a smile
Goes the extra mile
When someone comes into the room
It's a real boom

Boom because everyone needs a good friend
Sharing with time to spend
A greeting shared even between strangers
Means less dangers

Dangers of being hurt or worse
Hurt by hearing foul words' curse
Or something physical
Or sexual

Sexual innuendo covering
Leads to leaving, not hovering
Though, it's not a good thing
We try to cover up everything

So we say only a hello and hide behind our masks
When only we have to do is ask
To become a friend of of another
To become like a sister or brother

April 10,2010

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