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glassandfire glassandfire Your channel viewers will see links here, including 'subscribe' and 'add as friend'. Profile edit Save Changes or cancel Name: Mike E Name: Mike E Channel Views: 1,298 Total Upload Views: 24,330 Total Upload Views: 24,330 Style: Style: - Age: 62 Age: 62 Joined: December 16,2006 Last Sign In: 1 day ago Last Sign In: 1 day ago Subscribers: 31 Subscribers: 31 Website: http: //glassandfire.blogspot.com/ Website: http: //glassandfire.blogspot.com/ Channel Description: About Me: As a child Mike had no talent, he did have a pencil and to draw with. In his teens, the desire to create art grew to include skipping high school to hang in the stacks at the public library, particularly among the art books. Mike occupied his time filling sketchbooks with drawings of his favorite subject, female nudes thus irritating his high school art teacher. Now and then he would produce a male nude, just to prove he could. This was when Mike went commercial, trying and failing to sell his gag cartoons to the top magazines of the day, like Playboy. Photography was a main interest from his mid-teens that led to enrollment in a two-year photography program at the Hawkeye Institute of Technology and ended with Mike's flunking out after the first year. Mike found his footing again while working in a smelly photo processing plant... the boss's brother was into lost wax casting and with the help of a book on lost wax casting, Mike was off and running, creating gold and silver rings for friends and neighbors. The end of this art form came for Mike when gold went from $32.00 an ounce to $900.00 an ounce. Long lonely years came and went with Mike drawing and making the occasional photograph. Then in 1994 Mike met Sandy, a stained glass artist and teacher. In her quest for a degree in art, Sandy had taken a lampwork bead-making course. It took her five minutes to describe all she knew about the subject, and Mike was off and running again. His long-time interest in antique marbles and a new interest in lampworking led to his first marble after a year of making broken, cracked, and ugly beads. In developing his present abilities as a lampwork artist, he studied four videos and paid some attention to the demonstrations. The rest of his skill and knowledge came through his own experience at the torch and being inspired by ideas that he brought to life in glass. To date, his work has appeared in a contemporary marble book, a studio button book, and the Dallas morning news.)

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The Path Forward Done

the path forward done
retracing steps lot of fun
fine day to be home

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