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New woman in my life,

Who are you?
Why have those eyes stirred me so?

The night she told me..

Is so typical of my life.

Grains of Sand still time from motion,
As Moon rays pierce the cloud shadows,

An excellent, endless moonlit night

The boat stood alone today,
as boats do.
Patiently waiting for the fishermen to start the days work.

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Mike is the CEO of an international security company. Traveling frequently between offices in Washington D.C, Brazil and Hong Kong. He enjoys spending summers at his lake home in the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York, reading Pablo Neruda and Walt Whitman. He is the proud father of the 3 sons all of whom are grown and pursuing careers as soldier, chef and engineer. Mike has spent many years in business starting up and turning around high technology companies through out the world. His passion for poetry was created at a very early age and today flurishes whenever a life experience fires it.)

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Gull In The Storm

New woman in my life,

Who are you?
Why have those eyes stirred me so?

Tell me where your heart has been?
Why your soul is so wounded?

I want to know you, maybe to love you, but,

There are many mysteries, and dark emotions surrounding you.

Dark jewels, scars below the surface which,
When Touched
Cause your soul to ripple, and your heart to weep.

Your eyes tell me you ache for something real...

A heart stopping love, a man who loves you unconditionally,

A harbor for you to rest, and flourish...
I would be these to you,
You know this, I know this,

You will not open to me,
Not offer me the chance,
To show you
I am unique, a genuine heart, capable of all you desire.

Perhaps the bad men before me,
Have steeled your heart.
Steel which I can’t break alone.
Words, patience and love (my only tools) will not penetrate here
As the pain is deep and unresolved and you will not help me.

So your destiny is to be alone,

As the gull in the storm
Refuses to seek sanctuary in the tree which has survived a hundred storms........

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