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Too all the girls I let slip away.
I wish you were here today.
They say what goes around comes around. Well here comes mine.
I'm sorry if I wasted your time.

Glory glory, here's my story... I'm going to share it with you.
Lost without a found, is what I'm going through.
The walls have no pictures of me.
The photo album is empty.

She's going with him and I know it!
I can't say nothing or I blow it!
I have to hold my feeling inside and stow it.
Just the thought makes me want to throw it!

She is stunning to see its like like looking at the earth from space.
Ravishing all my desires like hurricane.
Exquisite would be the moment my eyes and thoughts would be as one.
My blood flows at the memory of her and keeps my heart pumping.

Emotions have there purpose, you dance and sing perhaps even buy a ring.
Thinking makes stuff thrust to the surface, you feel ashamed and lots of pain.
How you feel down deep inside makes feel alive sometimes words can't describe.
Emotions can bounce like balls.

I will never see her again not even in my dreams.
This is what happens when you whispers turn into screams.
Our end no longer has a means.
If we were a movie this would be the final scene.

A voice asked me 'not give up', so it called me out to pull my bluff!
'Unlike Hafiz of Shiraz' the moon asked me to meet her soul but she had no
amorous ideas.The voice was the Sun with all of its heat shining down on
me, I could feel my defeat.

I'm flying!
To the bar, the drinks.. I'm buying!
The spirits are strong as are mine, this feels like a crime.
Let's jump from bar to bar, only the hangover will leave a scar.

The clouds are over head, they look like a bed. Is that what you said?
Secrets have no purpose, so hide them under your pillow.
Pull off the sheets. What do you see?
Is it something I would need?

Oh well, I could tell it seemed fake as hell!
The more I thought it rang a bell, I won't go into a shell.
It's not like I fell.
No one would buy it or I wouldn't try it.

My love will not die no matter how much I try.
How could I let it perish something I truly cherish.
Expire my desire, will only cause a fire in my soul and croak and my heart would go up in smoke.
If I let it languish it would cause me anguish and it's a language that's hard for me.


The sun fell behind the hill now the night will be long.
Letting go isn't wrong although it won't feel right, by now it looks like a fight.
The path had two roads, I must go to left although it's not without sorrow.
You will be climbing a tree and exploring it's branches only taking chances you need to.

I've never been lucky in love.
I've never Been the one she's thinking of.
It only lasts for a week or two, then they say 'I'm done with you'.
It's not enough to be a good screw, if there isn't love it will never be true.

Holding on to parts of your past, isn't so good of a path!
It's not all fairy tales and fountains. It may be the best to choose your own mountains.
So put on your shoes and gather your gear, get ready to climb and have no fear!
Also admonish when looking back. There is always a reason their not coming back!

Maybe it's the way I wear my hair, or the the way I show I care?
Maybe it's the way I try to share, or maybe it's the way I can't help but stare?
Maybe Baby it's me.
Maybe it's the way I can't help but touch, maybe that's a little too much!

The sadness lingers, it sits there waiting and comes with the snap of a finger.
I truly have no control, it does what it want's and comes and goes.
One second I'm high and then I'm low, I can't read a book or watch a good show.
The tears they roll down my face, my smile they try to erase.

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Here It Comes

Too all the girls I let slip away.
I wish you were here today.
They say what goes around comes around. Well here comes mine.
I'm sorry if I wasted your time.
Unkind I was and I'm paying for that.

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