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I hold the tear catcher
On my cheek,
Capturing liquid emotions
As I weep.

Twilight has past,
the horizon is black,
Lonely oak tree
A huge lacy mass.

White magnolia blossoms
Have already fallen,

I step in pools of moonlight,
I bathe with such delight.
Please come and join me dear.
We will splash throughout the night.


I envy the moonbeam,
That lights your face.
The morning mist,
That caresses your lips.


Should you leave me,
Have mercy.
Take the image of you
From my mind too.

Afternoon passing,
Tired and blue.
Heart-shaped moments.

love is perfect,
love is infallible,

The day was as expected.
Misty, windy, damp and cold.
Cold to your bone marrow.
You shiver

Geese very soft
Startled to flight.
Moving between moonbeams,

Twilight has past,
Horizon is black,
Lone Oak tree
Is a large lacy mass.

Today I had a spurt of energy.
I decided to clean house.
I scurried about
Like a hysterical mouse

Lost she whispers to her bleeding heart,
Her desire for a lost soulmate too,
Her voice whispers a touching tune,
Flowing from her own wounds.

Gather me a bouquet
Of mauve colored Clover
And Queen Ann Lace.
Pick it from our favorite place,

The Best Poem Of Milda Morse

The Tear Catcher

I hold the tear catcher
On my cheek,
Capturing liquid emotions
As I weep.
Whether for joy
Or deepest sorrow
I save my tears
For all tomorrows.
Into a jeweled tear bottle
My tears are poured.
Displayed for all to see
How much you are adored.
My tears are poured

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Milda Morse Popularity

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