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Dismemberment Of Youth

First light appears in Youths first moments,
All seen and heard reveals but truth,
But as the seasons come and go,
Dismemberment of Youth.

Cherished teachings originally meant to aid,
Grasped with both hands young Youth embraces,
Spring, summer, autumn, winter….,
An unknown fate poor Youth it faces.

As time gradually passes slowly onward,
Youths views on its first sights already faded,
The ideals Youth clung too are totally changed,
The views first clean and pure but now seem jaded.

Youth forced into taking a blindfolded route,
Now life to take on a complete new meaning,
The love once felt and unknowingly wasted,
Lies, hurt, deceit, pain, sorrow Youth starts receiving.

First light turns slowly into darkness,
Memories rancid like rotten citrus fruit,
It cannot be saved or stored for future use,
Dismemberment of Youth.

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