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Mir Babbar Ali Anees (Anis) (Urdu: میر ببر علی انیس) was a renowned Urdu poet.

Early Life

His father, Mir Khaliq who was a famous poet and littérateur, took personal interest in the education and upbringing of his son, and entrusted him to the care of reputed contemporary teachers, Mir Najaf Ali Faizabadi and Maulvi Hyder Ali Lucknav ...

Mir Babar Ali Anees Poems

Dee Ran Ki Raza Shah Ne Jab Ibne Hasan Ko

When Qasim’s wish for battle was granted by the Prince
At his looming death he rejoiced, of his faith convinced
Armed, valiant, and majestic, like a lion he rode out
The evil army gaped at the grandeur he evinced


Tidings there are, death is in the offing,
O ignorant!, after food and drink, thou are running,
Life shall perish, Death shall prevail,
The proof of Thy going is Thy coming.

Selection Of Men

From an ignorant being, I expect not eulogy,
It be a friend or foe, I listen to all and sundry,
Verily, the flavor of friendship fades not,
I remove thorns and pluck the flowers gently.


It’s God who exalts, whomever He wishes,
Self-effacing is the man, humility he practises,
Swaggering suits only to the brainless being,
As to an empty vessel, noise pleases.


In an orchard I stroll, the scenic land I look,
Or treasures of mount, river and land I Look,
Everywhere, myriad is manifestations of Nature,
Dazed I am, with two eyes what a world grand I look.

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Zargham Haider 11 March 2019

Mujhe kuch banna hai

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