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Sweet is my little name | Calm, patient & generous | Passionate about Basketball & travelling | Poet

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That Moment I Realised

I was waiting for the sun to set in the west,
Gazing into the sky with my mind still unrest,
Lost in my thoughts wondering how my life could be,
Thinking about the future, how it's suppose to be...

The Only One I Can't Live Without, It's You

I was waiting so long for that day to come, the day when i can make you mine..
Today i say it proud, say aloud to the whole world that i got ma girl, i made her mine...

Hold my hand, i will walk with you thousand miles...

My Wonders

If i was to say beautiful, i would just say you,
Coz i have never seen someone as beautiful as you,
Have known about the seven wonders around the world, but my only wonder is you
Even they don't seem so perfect, as nothing i can find is more perfect then you...

Without You

Never in my dreams did i thought life could be so mean to us,
Again on this lonely road, heart knows nobody to trust,
Just had the one, the one is you,
I just can't imagin my life without you...

If I Got You

I know i have been feeling soo low,
Little lost, forgot the way home...

But how could i forget that i'm never alone,

Miraj Patel Quotes

01 July 2017

If good is not GREAT, good is not enough.

22 September 2017

It takes more than just a dream to get there

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