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What Makes A True Friend?

What are the qualities that a friend should
have – that which would make a true friend so true?
A friend is one whom you like to be with
while a true friend insists on being with you.

I Am A Muslim-I Love Moses And Jesus

I am a Muslim: yes, I love Jesus –
For Jesus was a Prophet of Allah.
Jesus was a Muslim, so was Moses –
With David – their religion was Islam.

Temporal Life V.S. Eternal Life

Look at them enjoy life each day and night,
Riding fancy cars, living in mansions,
Looking down on each other with much pride,
And living life as though there’s no reason –

Some Advice In This Sonnet

A few words of advice in this sonnet:
Don’t hurt, if you too don’t like to be hurt.
When bad deeds return, you might regret it.
So watch your deeds, and take care of your words.

Glory Be To Just One God

SubhanAllah – Glory be to Allah –
Glory be to Allah who created –
The lands, the mountains, and flowing rivers,
The skies and planets He decorated.

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