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im full of anger
full of rage
knowing you left and wont see each other again
how can i live

i wished upon a star to have you and i had you
i hoped you would love me as much as i do
i loved you and i still for ever love
but now im not so sure if i want you


If the kisses were water, you would give an ocean.
If the HUGS were leaves, you would be a forest.

how do you explain a feeling
a feeling you wished you didnt have
a feeling that not even you can understand
a feeling that shouldnt be there

i look at a picture of you, woundering if u love me
i look at all the notes and gifts u gave me, woundering if u did love me
i look at everything remembering what wonderfull things we went through, woundering if you still love me
i look out my window and stareing at the moon, woundering if you miss me

I steched out my hand
offering you my heart hopeing you would take it
every time you came close to me my heart wanted to jump off my hand and into yours
every time you came close i kept my hand out

the world full of life
full of tasks and nature
keep spining and spining day after day
with life of every kind

my heart was strong
it was filled with lies
no more is my heaart alive the only thing it keeps me alive
is the pain that is the reason i now im alive

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i am really lonely but i just am insecure with what people think of me and i dont care)

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My Dear Love

im full of anger
full of rage
knowing you left and wont see each other again
how can i live
when my heart is broken
when all of the pices you took and kept as an ornament or like a price
my life distroyed my world stoped spinning
the pain so excruciating
i plead on my knees hopeing it will stop hurting
begging you would disapear
and let me live my life
; but the love i feel is strong that no one will ever distoy not even my self
as if the love has grown and has a mind of its own! !
cuz the love will never stop only death will stop me from loving you
and stop me from following my path that is with you my love! ! ! !

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Miriam Porras Popularity

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