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Mischa Andriessen (Apeldoorn 1970) turns his readers into scouts. In three collections, published between 2008 and 2016, he combines openness of interpretation with stylistic restraint to great effect. Andriessen prefers short, sketchy poems in clear language, sometimes bordering on the colloquial. But his communicative sentences are deceptive: the links between lines are often obscure or ambiguous, forcing readers of his poetry to tap into their own imaginations to plug the gaps.

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The Best Poem Of Mischa Andriessen


The father says, Jump.
Will you catch me? asks the son.
Trust me.
Up on the sideboard the son hesitates
jumps, is caught
climbs back on the sideboard.
says the father. The son jumps
hits the ground hard.
You didn't catch me, the son screams.
Why not? Yes, says the father, Why not?

Translation: 2017, David Colmer

Mischa Andriessen Popularity

Mischa Andriessen Popularity

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