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Anger, burning up inside
Monster, growing more powerful with every word
Control, dreadfully slipping away
Myself, slipping into the dark corners of my mind


Can you hear me
Can you see me
Come to me
Bow down to me

Kill me sweetly
kill me softly
I let you hurt me
I let you use me

I am learning life
Step by step
I wanna be someone
I am learning how

Sitting silently
watching the world go by
beautiful scenes play out
sweet serenity

reality is going away
slipping silently from my grasp
Shameless and nameless I am told
collapsing into unconsciousness


“STOP IT, ” I yelled to the empty room, I wanted myself to stop thinking about him. Darien was a murderer, he killed people, he was a monster, he wasn’t even human, and he was my best friends brother. My mind didn’t listen, as I drifted unconscious his face played across my dreams and I imagined him being close to me, I could almost feel his deep steady breaths, so far apart. I could smell the fresh night air, I could feel his eyes watching me. “Hey, ” I whispered, I had no voice, I had no power, I had no control, he was in the perfect position to kill me, I would never be able to move, to react.
I opened my eyes, he was there, he was real, I wasn’t dreaming, he had a dagger in his hand, it looked like glass, with a ruby handle and gold scrollwork, the blade was sharp, I could feel it against my stomach, he had me. Then suddenly he flew back, it took me a moment to process, the weight lifted, he was pushed against my living room wall, then he ran onto my deck. I got up and ran after him. He wasn’t there, the cold was sharp, I couldn’t stay out there. I didn’t even ask how he got down, I had been saved by him, I knew what he could do.
Had he tried to kill me?
Why didn’t he?

Sometimes I think about the way we left it
Without a single word
Open wounds
Slammed doors

One last smile
One last tear
One last goodbye
I struggle in your grasp

I’m screaming
It’s all I can do
I am screaming
Because no one will hear me

You bring you bring tears to my eyes
I can’t sit back and watch this anymore
What you do to to hurt you
Hurts me hurts you


There is a boy
He looks at his broken world
The story of his life
Why does he live this way

Wanna be
that girl
The one on tv

Give me a daisy
I'll think you're insincere
Give me a violet
I'll think you are strange


Anger, burning up inside
Monster, growing more powerful with every word
Control, dreadfully slipping away
Myself, slipping into the dark corners of my mind

I was fighting with my mum that day; the day I owed my life to a stranger; I was thirteen-years-old, and I had just run away. I walked aimlessly until I found myself in front of a park I had never seen before. The park looked like it was straight out of a magazine; a picture-perfect fantasy. The sky was the most beautiful purple, and it wasn't too sunny, nor was it too dark, absolutely perfect. As I was lost in my thoughts, gazing into space, I heard a soft voice behind me; 'Hello, ' it whispered; I had not realized that I was not the only person in the park. She was sitting on the swings behind me; I turned around and was stunned. Her beauty was unparalleled, long pink hair, creamy skin, and dreamy grey eyes. I tried to say hi, but she was already in front of me, in the blink of an eye. Her face was carved to perfection, she had to have been a teenager, but she carried herself with such grace. She pushed back my messy hair, wiped the tears away, and leaned close to my ear. Her voice came again, still whispering softly, she spoke; 'Would you like to come with me, away from this terrible place, to a different world? '

At that point, I would have done anything she asked, no matter the consequence. I stared at her eyes, no longer dreamy, but focused and intoxicating; I lost myself in them. A twelve-year-old didn't stand a chance, I couldn't resist. So I gave in, and I started to go into my mind; I don't know how to explain it. She took me deeper and deeper, into the void. My mind had a dark place in it, absolutely dark, nothing was there; jut a black void. Her eyes widened and her grip loosened; I wondered if I had done something wrong. Then, in the same moment, she was flung back, torn from me. I was paralyzed with shock, but I could see her. She had sheer terror and disgust on her face. The beautiful smile, turned into an inhuman snarl. Her eyes darkened, and she looked at the space behind me. I turned around, suddenly unfrozen, and nothing was there, I looked back at where she was, or rather, had been. I walked to the place she had been glaring at, wondering who could of done this. There was absolutely nothing, nothing except:
A black rose.


That one moment
That vision of perfection
Beauty is fleeting


As I lay dying
I am thinking of you
As I begin to scream
I am talking to you


life is hell no way to heaven
hell is dark no light to see
dark is like the sky little stars
little lights that clearn the dark


life is hard and it's just begin
life is sweet but it's not over
life is hell on way to heaven
life is dark no light to see

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Anger, burning up inside
Monster, growing more powerful with every word
Control, dreadfully slipping away
Myself, slipping into the dark corners of my mind
Darkness, swallowing me
Light, showing me my flaws
Death, beckoning me to
Sorrow, strangling my throat
Screams, suffocating my voice
The mirror, showing me the monster’s face
It was always there, the monster
It was always there, the anger
The anger made me sick inside, it made my stomach turn
It made me do the things I said I’d never do
It made me into the person I said I'd never become
I try to restrain it, but it has a mind of its own
Anger is a parasite, anger is the monster within
Waiting, watching, for the perfect moment to take control

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