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My pride has blind me,
My heart has deceived me.
I feel speechless,
Motionless of what I have done.

Crazy was he,
As crazy as can be!
No one else was crazier than he,
No one was that crazy for me!

Incomplete, not accomplished mission,
Forsaken eyes, blinded love.
Honesty, yet the best policy,
A difficult mystery left to solve.

Am I hearing something?
Or is it just the wind blowing?
Is it the wind that's scolding me?
Or is it just me worrying?

Making me smile when I'm upset,
Admiring my view, you won't regret.
Tender kisses you always bestow to me,
Hugs that are warm, all for me.

Life goes on with its own burdens,
It goes on to know the good and the bad.
Life goes on with its own joy,
It goes on to seek fortune and luck.

Just a smile and the storm will fade,
Away to hide behind the mountains.
Majestic attitude and behaviour,
Elegant and will always be unforgettable.

Some say that life is a burden,
Some say that life is a blessing,
Some say that life is a cycle,
But I say taht life is boring.

Being caged behind these uncertain bats,
Not aware of what to do.
I look out my window and see the shining stars,
Wishing that I was one too.

This feeling that I feel is very strong,
A feeling that has made strong bonds.
Within my body, mind and soul,
To let it go, that I do not know!

How could I ever face you now?
How would I tell you all that I hold back?
How can I l ive on without you?
How can I fight this strong attack?

Believing in this for so long,
Reaching out for each other has kept it strong.
Every breath, every step, every heartbeat,
Thoughts of every joy that! I must keep,

You say that you've gone crazy,
And all you think of is me.
You say that I won't loose you,
Because you won't let it be.

A promise is a promise,
You also call yourself a 'promise-keeper.'
You made a promise that you'll wait,
For I know my departure has just hurt you deeper.

Sometimes jealousy and curiosity,
Step into our minds.
Twisting the truth around,
And eating every fact it finds,

Love is a fascinating emotion,
Love is never found in the ocean.
It's found between two lovers,
Not in any trash-collectors.

My heart was troubled,
And I didn't know what to do.
I thought of all the obstacles,
And then I thought of you.

I feel speechless,
As if I can't breathe.
I am shocked,
As if to die.

Obssessed and stressed from my thoughts,
The pain I feel is killing me.
My feelings deeply wounded,
And my heart crying in need.


A hidden picture drawn on your face,
To loose me is your fate.
To lie to me is your goal,
To fool me is your destiny.

Moana Tuigamala Biography

I was born in American Samoa.Raised in the states.Then I moved to Western Samoa with my family. My parents are Fealofa'i and Meleone Tuigamala.I grew up there all my high school life.I attended Avele College and graduated from there in the year 2006.I was a student of American Samoa Community College. Majoring in Education, I have this passion for kids having to know a lot about them while growing up being the eldest of five children. I am happily and blessed now to be engaged to the love of my life.)

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Love Can Hurt.

My pride has blind me,
My heart has deceived me.
I feel speechless,
Motionless of what I have done.

My emtions confused,
My memories taunt me.
Your reflection on my mind,
Your words echoing in my ears.

The thought of you everyday,
While I thought of a way.
To make it up to you,
To prove that I truly love you.

To tell you how I truly feel,
Yet, something holds me back.
F*** this pride that I feel,
Holding me back from what's real.

No one can see nor know,
What I think and how I feel.
If only they can see,
The burden I have in me.

I may smile and be nice,
I may be gentle and be kind.
But deep inside I'm hurt,
I'm crying out loud but no one can hear.

I miss your smile,
I miss your voice.
I miss your hugs,
I even miss your jokes.

No word is suitable to explain,
The burden I have and the pain.
Although it has only been a few days,
But to me it seems to be a few years.

When are we ever going to talk,
To each other the proper way?
Or the question should be,
Are we ever going to talk to each other ever again?

It stabs my heart,
To even think that way.
I have no choice,
But to say it out in any way.

I feel obssessed in my own little world,
I feel cold but no one is here to give me a hug.
You might think my words mean nothing,
That I'm just playing with you and trippin'.

You can think whatever you like,
But these words aren't from my mind.
To you, they may be blunt or sharp,
But truly I say that they're from my heart.

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Brett Levu 24 August 2009

Hey Sweetheart, Well just wanted to say that I made my page....... Add me as a friend and we'll see just how good of a poet you've become...... Take Care...... you will forever and always will be in my heart....... Missin You, Monteehs King

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