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i don't know where, and i don't know when
but i know that it, will one day happen

today tomorrow, or a hundred years

your heart's paradise, my heart is the hell
don't get closer, you will burn as well

no no i'm sorry, don't stay with me

This isn't easy to say good bye
when you're going, even the sky

can not believe this rueful pain

the sky is crying
the clouds are dieing
what a sob is this?
no bird is flying

When i was walking, the streets at night
the snowfall had made everyplace white

no destination, tired of people

in the name of god creator of hearts
cause it's the best name for every starts

me, a lonely boy, no need of no one

there were two trees in the side of road
one of them was kind, had a heart of gold

but the other one, it was a villain

i always have a good feeling about you
and i just want to be orbiting around you

lose the body and, get the lowest weight

in middle of a desert, i'm a flower
with love
if she wants to go to hell, i will follow her
with love

a sky of birds, they are free
jumping and flying, sitting on tree

in that river, playing and washing

once a Gnat came down from the top
to drink of what remained in the cup

kid for having fun, just blocked her way

backpack in my hand,
dropp it down and

getting things ready

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first, i was writing Poem in Persian language, because i was Persian!
in a couple of years i wrote such good poems and i really really loved them, and love them even now.
as my mom didn't and doesn't and wont ever like poem and poetry, she set my notebook on fire, all of my poems were burning in front of my eyes...
i could see the letters in air...
any way, i really don't know how and when i start writing poems in English, i cant remember the time of my first poem.
i hope you like my poems
and i know that you will, if you are a lover,
cause heart speaks with heart...
best wishes
Mohammad Rasoul Mohammadi (Prince)

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i don't know where, and i don't know when
but i know that it, will one day happen

today tomorrow, or a hundred years
later when i die, who will shed the tears?

who'll ever cry on my tombstone?
who'll remember me in my tightest home?

who's agree with this that i'm a good guy
while i've cheated and, i've told people lie

who'll miss me and feel, at my death sorrow?
i'll be remembered just by tomorrow

will i burn in hell? or i'll rest in peace?
my big question, can not answer this...


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