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Im Still Alive

I’m still alive because I’m breathing the air of your love and living the sweet memories of it.
When I’m in the presence of your love my heart feels feeling like no other
And if this was not love than without hesitation I will say that feeling is meant more than these talk s.
If I wont to give description it will take me hundreds of years to describe that how much I love you and describe the feeling I have for you in my heart.
Your love is my dream, a fantasy that called me and my heart followed it without thinking.
Your love is sweet and innocent reality and in whole of my life I did not seen any thing like it.
Your love take me to heavens and I found a passion inside me like no other and found my soul totally lost in your love.
I thrown my life into your hand knowing that I will never get lost with u and I will life the best moment of my life with u.

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