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Its funny how
Different we are
Truly, it is
Absolutely bizarre

Every car is an island
Crowned with a golden halo
Lush and glowing with the soft light of morning
Or a painting of dim shades from the past

The loyalty
Of a bee
Surpasses a knight
In his chivalry

Nothing in this world
Lasts forever
Even a tattoo
Dark and elegant and permanent

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Reading these poems is like peeking Through curtains Into my mind Go gently! Do not be too harsh or critical These are private thoughts, unrefined Innocent and trustingly I place them in your care So that perhaps, a long time off We will meet and I will see them there In your eyes The thoughts which I, in my solitude grew To sing me through life Which maybe helped you through it, too

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How Different We Are

Its funny how
Different we are
Truly, it is
Absolutely bizarre

He is a boy
I am a girl
My hair is straight
His has curls

His hair is black
Shining purple in light
My hair is blonde
And looks almost white

He is so tall
He stoops through doors
When I sit in chairs
I can't touch the floor

He likes to race
I like to read
He likes the tree
I like the seed

He likes the sun
I like the rain
I like the beach
He likes mountains

I like things sweet
He prefers sour
He takes a bath
I take a shower

He likes orange
I like blue
We even fight over
Old things or new

In almost everything
We disagree
Which really is
Slightly funny

But, though we're different
We are still friends
Also, ironically
We are twins

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