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That's what I am
The girl that never sleeps
I walk the nights,

She paints a lovely picture
But here's the shocking twist
The paintbrush is a razor
And the canvas is her wrist


Sleep tight
Hold on to
The dreams

My love
My Holy one
The one God
Sent from above

if i die
would you miss me?
if i went missing
would you notice?


love is bright
it gives you hope
it is another day to live
it is the light of our lives

star light, star bright
please save my soul tonight
shine your light on the demon,
who stole me away

You wonder who I am
no one really knows
you wonder where i'm from
I don't even know


you wonder why
i do so many things
why do i drink?

people wonder what does that mean
the horror you see in me everyday
beatin and alone


Ashes, ashes
we'll all burn down
ashes, ashes
we'll all go to hell


Write a poem
give it away
write a song
sing it to a crowd

I have one thing on my mind
i bet you could guess
i think about it
whenever depression takes over

you think you know me
well you don't
don't you think, that i would die for you?
well your wrong


you shine like a star
your smile and all
oh so bright
you must be mine


i walk down the hall
watchin people laugh and talk
no one glances my way
i hang my head in shame


The scars upon my wrist
are something no one should see
a way to self harm
so close to death


a cold and lonely place
no one should go
a dark and scary place
this is a place,

we all need that one thing
to keep us alive
a important resource
that way

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Hello. My name is Molly O'Shaunessy. I was born September 21st,2000. I have one little brother. His name is Tyler. He was born November 1st,2009. I have one little sister. Her name is Aliyanah. She was born July 8th,2013. I grew up in Illinois with my Dad and Mom. They Divorced when I was 10 years old. My mom re-married 2011 to My stepdad. I had a dog growing up. She was a pitbull. We named her peaches. My dad was a mechanic. My mom a health care nurse. I always had my best friends growing up. Alyssa, Emma, Savannah, and nia. Nia was my moms best friends daughter. Alyssa, Savannah, and Emma were my best friends from school.)

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That's what I am
The girl that never sleeps
I walk the nights,
Wondering why
I am so restless
They say It's because of
The stress I hold
Some say
Because of the the memories
I remember
The things that have happen
Happen to me
Because of them
I am restless
I am the girl
who never sleeps.

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Everyday you live your life wondering why did this happen? Why did that happen to me? Well, fate is an unplanned path for us, but one, that was also planned.

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