Bijay Kant Dubey Money Poems


Without spending money,
Having spent any or coughed up,
Borne the prices for publishing,
Struggling to write,

For Black Money, Why Are Searching My Pockets, Friend?

For black money,
Why are you searching my pockets,
My friend,
As no black-money pocketer am I,

In Search Of Black Money There May Be A Financial Blackout

In search of black money,
The possibility is
There may be a financial load-shedding,
A monetary blackout,

The public in unnecessary trouble
As for how to exchange,
Change the old notes
Of 500 and 1000 denominations


Is this,
This the India
Where the newly-weds,
I mean the brides


If you have money in your pocket,
The world is yours
And if you do not have,
The world is not.

If you have money in your pocket,
The world is yours,
If you do not have, the world is not yours.

If You Have Money In Your Pocket, The World Is Yours

When I Had Money

In the wide words
Wherever went I,
heard I
Money, Money,

Ticket Checker, Am Not With Black Money

Ticket checker,
Train ticket checker,
I do not,
Do not black money, sir.

Gabbar Singh,
Kahan hai
Tumhara kaladhan
Aur kala shona,

Black money, white money,
White money, black money,
Who has what,
Who can but say it,

Kucch maal hain
To mujhe bhi dijiye,
Maane, black money-toney,

Black money, black money,
Black-black money
In the Agarwalla Farm,
In the Marwari Farm

Black money, black money
Shouting it
Get not the mandate in your favour,
Try you not to be popular,

If short of money, how will they
Contest elections
As M.L.As., M.Ps., M.L.Cs
To sit in the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha,

A rustic country clown
Wanting to be a hero
Searching black gold and black money,


Kahan hae black money
Cchupa huya,
Kis koyale ki khann mein,
Heera ka tukada?

The pickpockets
And thieves
Used to snatch

In jobless, unemployed man's India
The foolish man's joke
Is doing the rounds,
Who has but what,

Black-black, white-white,
Say you,
Are you white,
Completely white,

Chai-chai, garam chai, bhaiyya garam chai hain,
Chai-chai, garam chai,
Pi lo, pi lo, bhaiyya,
Garam-garam chai, chai-chai hain, bhaiyya.

Bhaiyya, mera pants check mat karo,
Gudgudi yaati hain,
Mere pants haath mat do,
Kisi ke pants mein haath dena buri baat,

Black money, black money
If you have to get
Find it
In the Agarwalla Farm

Black Money, White Money, This The Talk Of Today

Black money is like
A black girl,
But with
A good face-cutting,

If I Am Black, Are You White? (The Black Money Debate)

If I am black,
Are you white,
Say you?

Black Money, Black Money, Who Has Not Black Money?

Black money, black money,
Who has not black money,
Say you?

Black money, white money,
Who has what,
Tell you,
This the debate of India,

The debate seems to be unending,
Who has black money
And who has white money
And where is it

If Black Money Is Banned, How Will One Contest Elections?

If black money is banned,
How will one contest elections,
Say you?
Where are the income tax files

Where Is Black Money Required?

For marrying off the daughter
And the son's education,
For foreign tours and travels
Where money is but one's friend,

The Debate Is Long, About Black Money And White Money?

The debate is, long
And it will take time
In resolving,
Reaching at

Friend, let me
Your pocket,
Do you

Meri pocket mein white money hain,
Hath dene she bhi koyi labh nahin, bhaiyya,
Black money jo nahin milega,
Mein Seth Kirorimal Jo nahin?

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