Francis Duggan Moods Poems

Your Dark Moods

For years you have known your dark moods of despair
And you feel that life to you is rather unfair
Life has it's high points and low points it does seem this way
And the moods of the mind we deal with every day

Creatures Of Moods

We all do go through our bleak moments in life
Of worries and troubles and deep inner strife
And moments of lack of self worth the sibling of self doubt
One well might say this is what life is about

Tim's Maudlin Moods

At times he is one who feels quite close to tears
The maudlin moods they have been with him for years
But with him they never have a long stay
They live in him for a shore time and then from him go away

Our Moods Do Affect Other People

Our moods do affect other people despite what you may think or say
If someone does choose to ignore you though in passing you bid them a good day
You may say to yourself he or she does not like me and about it feel a little down
For nobody likes their greeting for to be ignored when walking on the sidewalks of the town

The Moods Of The Mind

The moods of the mind to us do come and go
And the gulf it can be great between bliss and woe
Have you ever known the feeling of despair
When your circumstances in life to you seemed quite unfair?

The Black Moods Of Despair

It is a known fact life is not always fair
Have you ever known the black moods of despair
When you feel quite tearful sitting on your own
Such feelings of sadness have you ever known?

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