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Deep dark and mysterious
the place of pain and sorrow
the shadow lands,
something that lives deep inside of me

Can you hear the sound of the night hawk calling
he reminds me to catch
myself when I'm falling
Can you hear the hoot of the owl

I have not forgotten you my son
I have not forgotten the pain
it still remains the same
but I am learning

Death of light
birth of night
dusk to dusk
and dawn to dawn

Early morning
dawn of destruction
light burns away
the night


I don't want to be filled
With hate
I don't want to be mad forever
I don't want to except

And she sat alone
in the dark
surrounded by the shadows
of her own heart

Did you hear her cry
Did you see her die
Was it all just a lie
Hills and curves


Torn flesh
Ripped bones
Blood pours out of my veins

Don't you love to hate the pain
For the what has been

Words flow from empty pen
No beginning
No end

The song
How do you sing
The song
When the words won't come

Cold breathe
Mist cast
Will it be my last

Life not wasted in vain
I've danced in the rain
And drank from the chalice of pain
I've embraced death's beauty

Death's Dream
Death is but a dream away
Life's journey gone astray
Will you remember me

Death's Lullaby
She dances in the mist
Cast from her own fears
Life filled with tears


When the moon is dark
And the wind is cold
Blood flows from my soul

When the wind is cold
And the moon is full
The tides of pleasure

I hide a tiny Faerie
she lives so deep inside
every now and then
she's her crazy grin

She came in the dark of night
with eyes shining bright
her smile twinkled like stars on a clear winter's night
her heart pure as gold

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Dark Soul

Deep dark and mysterious
the place of pain and sorrow
the shadow lands,
something that lives deep inside of me
hidden away, like a dark secret
a secret garden of despair,
where the creatures of the night
are free to roam, and run
I own this place,
I am the queen of my darkness
I opened my heart
to the light of true love
and thought I didn't need this place any more
locked away like Pandora's box,
waiting for me to return,
I feel loved, and safe
but magickal weak, like my guard has been let down
no shielding, heart open wide
for all to see the good in me
people say I have changed,
for the better, that my life is all aglow
but I find safety and strength
in the realm below
it's all an illusion
it's just a show
for I belong to the night
to the darkness others fear
power comes to me
in the dark of the moon
something I can no longer deny
no longer living the lie
life is not a light filled dream
it's ugly, painful, and mean
truth comes from the lack of light
I know I was born a child of the night
I celebrate the return of the darkest time of year
while others focus on the birth of the light
I will rejoice and dance in the darkness of the night
rage and hate, pain and sorrow
give me strength to face each tomorrow
I call upon the Goddess of the underworld
for she knows me all so well
fills me with her power,
to do my will
no longer denying
the power of the pain
for in this dark place I shall
So grab your glasses
and toast and cheer
the birth of the light
and I will mourn
the death
of the darkest time of
the year
love me, or hate me
keep me or leave me
for I am the dark one
you fear
my power I reclaim
for I remain the same
untouched my the light
yet filled with my own delight
ravage and raw
like the beast we all hide within
for I'm made of bones and flesh
maybe I'm your evil twin
or just a deadly sin
pierce my skin
and I shall bleed
the black blood that flows
from the darkest soul

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