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Out of sheer love
In the desert of love play
How can I say I love you
And go Scot-free

God is my greatest Poet
He nearly bursts my eardrums
When He drums the words

Punches thrown for man and country
Punches gotten for man and woman
What they did we did in Amistad
Yes… punches… for women and children

I am that child—Papa’s child.
With no home—Papa’s good as dead.
On bare feet—the only shoes I know,
And bare back—Mama’s gift of clothes.

can you kill me

tear my flesh apart
smash my brain out

Papa wore his hats in shades:
Black hat on black suit,
Brown hat on brown suit;
You name the suit,

God protect me from myself
The cliff of my ignorance
Pretends joy beyond the edge
But I see the dangerous cracks

Matatu time is vague;
So is the plane’s,
So is the train’s.

From the crammed crypt to the script
A new sun has shone on me
It is the Son from Sonzone
And He says come work with me

The colour of my heart
Is a culture round the fire
The spirit of my heart
Is netted dance in a sphere

Once in
Some in you go in with you
Your self
Your family

Your name in my pen is all that spells love,
Yet in that pain could be found a dodging dove.

In my pen there might be war-backing words,

The Princess of my heart indeed
Lived in the heart of death
She cut a canal for fresh tears
And hit the eyes of sunlight

1. each coronation song
hailed another moses
yet none was christened so

The Lord is my Captain, I shall not drift.

He assigns me a quiet cabin,
Speaks to me through the sea shells,

You stars that sell the gloomy late evening news
Willing harbingers!
Have declared untold sleeplessness
On the eternal legal instance of nature and time fleeting time

I came I saw and was stoutly conquered
By a wounded river in its middle
That brutally awoke from the dead
Hearts beaten into rock and tough riddle

Whether I stand longer on earth
Than sit in the tummies of birds
I might not guess as you proffer
Only scrutinise me on a trip

Three tiers of noise
Caught me from the side

one from under the trailer

Moses Kainwo Biography

Moses Kainwo is an ordained minister and studied in Sierra Leonean schools. His wife Violet is also an ordained minister and together they have two daughters: Jeelo and Jeeta. Moses also participated in the Sierra Leone Conference on Development and Transformation as Chief Facilitator of the Focus Group Discussions as well as organised the senior Secondary School Essay competition.)

The Best Poem Of Moses Kainwo

A Birthday Greeting

Out of sheer love
In the desert of love play
How can I say I love you
And go Scot-free

Neither in a birthday cake
Cut there on love lakes
Can a boat rock a toast
And make you go Scot-free

I will rest my pen
Just to raise my voice
And holler the distance to silence
For love play in a sentence

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Moses Kainwo Popularity

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