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When I see people around
Fighting and arguing for vile
Things of the world, I just smile,
Laugh till I lie down on the ground.


   A bright star

When I would start my endless journey,
To go where your goods and money
Would not be needed any longer, honey
And undecaying joy would water my steps

''Would you forgive them and forget
Or would you only forgive or
Would you only forget or just get
Over your eternal sore? ''

The colour of our skin,
The skin that everyone
Has outraged and exposed
To winter, summer


Most men in our planet
Dreams only how to get

My tiredness was so deep
That I just had a good sleep
In this sunny, hot evening
In which I saw your nice lip

Have you honestly ever gone
Shopping and you do not know
What to get, as everything is snow,
I mean nice and neat? Have you done

Night clubs usually make
Billions every weekend.
Lots of people pretend
To get ill at work to make

I never ever since found
One. My head turned around,
But I never thought to give up
Even when I am having my nap.

We're, her and I, like air, impalpable
And, like fire, really untouchable! !
We are, you'll accept it, as invisible
As a sound but, like cold, perceptible.

On the roof of the arc de triomphe,
One of the most visited edifices
In the world, the French's sacrifices
And pride and Napoleon's triumph

I was carried joyfully far away
By an amazing, steady elation
That ignited me and like a butterfly
In a safe meadow or a kite I danced in the sky,

What they always say
To the third world on their redios
Is how each and every of their citizen
Is as rich as Bill Gate and as intelligent,

Fast, extremely fast we grow
We don't unfortunately know
Until we almost fade or glow.
Like sunflowers we blow

Many, so, so many people here
On earth think and believe that money
Brings, without doubt as it is pure honey
And paradise for them and this is sadly clear,

Today is Sunday.
Today is a funny day
To glorify and sing
For our Almighty King.

You do not really have
To beat or kill those who
Insulted or offended you.
Just be tolerant and brave

Love is an ice, a proper ice.
The hot is where you keep
It, the more it melts down.

I was once told that the best
Person in life is not the one that
Works hard or who does great
Things and miracles. I detest

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When I see people around
Fighting and arguing for vile
Things of the world, I just smile,
Laugh till I lie down on the ground.

When I hear people crying
For useless things, I shake my head,
Blame that phi and pity one who's dying
Around the globe for water and bread

They haven't. As a wiser passenger
Who lives on earth for a short time,
As an obedient and clever stranger,
I would do my best to avoid crime

And sins. I would prepare to return
Where I came from, where I'd live
Forever. Hell's fire then wouldn't burn
Me. Steven Job had, I still believe,

Any type of car and house. He had
Billions, how proud and glad
Was he? Mobutu, Saddam Hussein,
And many more, what pain in my vein!

Had everything more than needed,
Owned entire countries, but indeed
They have perpetually, like sardine,
Been immured into a box, a coffin

And forgotten by leaving
Behind: power, money, everything
They had been, day and night,
Killing people for. The light

Had been off for them. They became
Dust, mud. So you and I'd be the same.
Therefore, it isn't worth to kill
For worthless things of life. Just fulfil

The duty of making your life better,
Easier and safer. To be willing to
Win a sprint race, the sprinter
Must become a slave of running, do

Anything required. Worthless
Things of the world are vanity.
But, they can make you heartless,
Wicked and selfish for eternity.

If you extremely adore or love
Those infernal things, then you will
Be a slave of calamity. You will kill
Your dignity and be a cursed dove.

Can you remember how nude we came?
Do you know that this is the same
Way we'll return where we came from,
Leaving what we met in this kingdom?

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