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1. Other Monalisa 5/24/2016
2. Way 5/24/2016
3. Poetry 5/24/2016
4. Map 5/24/2016
5. The Lovely Street 5/24/2016
6. Silent 5/24/2016
7. Destination 5/25/2016
8. Achievement 5/25/2016
9. Admirer 5/25/2016
10. Contribution 5/25/2016
11. Unseen 5/25/2016
12. Want To You 5/25/2016
13. Stair 5/25/2016
14. Poison 5/25/2016
15. At Last 5/25/2016
16. Evening 5/25/2016
17. Station As Universe 5/25/2016
18. Headless 5/25/2016
19. You And I 5/25/2016
20. Pain 5/25/2016
21. Men 5/24/2016
22. At A Mid-Day 5/24/2016
23. And 5/24/2016
24. Calling A Beloved 5/24/2016
25. End Of The Way 5/24/2016
26. And Next 5/24/2016
27. Heart 5/24/2016

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A verse will be created
As Tajmahal
The earth desires to end its motion
The moon finds shame.

And lonely awaiting for a dream
If I were peak of the Everest
Though passed a century
Oh Monalisa! you are everywhere
You are in green of all leave
Universe of sea
Even on crowed street
Or in silent of midnight
Venus! all victory for you
As awake me up of which
Would be heaven of love.

Coming from mountain
I've heard echo
I want you
I want you
I want you forever.


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At A Mid-Day

At a Mid-Day

Did not keep my mind in my office
How is furniture irrelevant
This ashtray pin the last shelf of Elmira
They are prisoner observer and history
Any time the office will be destroyed
The face will be burnt.
At mid-day when keep my mind at office

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