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I AM A BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN born and bred in Uganda, Africa. I appreciate good works that uplift the name of the Most High God.
I believe in Jesus as the only way, truth and life. I believe in God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

I believe in the virgin birth, ministry, death and resurrection as well as the return of Jesus Christ.

In my works, though not mine I labour to represent HIM who gives me life daily. Hopefully when this life is over, I will live again but to worship Him forever; God in three Persons; Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

I stand against any form or manner of deviation from that which God the Almighty Creator has created us to be. I come againist drug abuse, sexual deviation; beastility, masturbation, samesex, pornography and others.

I live a simple life t ...

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The Best Poem Of Mugano S. Paul

Lost Dream

Love. Years ago I had a dream,
In this dream,
I dreamt about life and love,
I took it so serious.

Empty. Now, I sit to hunt my dream,
But nothing comes to mind.
My inspiration left me,
No passion left to find.

Cut. Blank pages stare back at me,
My treasured dream,
Seems to have gone:
No path,
No depth, No heights,
No widths…
No song, No words.

Tears. If I had tears,
I’d cry the loss of my dream
But the pain has eaten them all.

Vacuum. The dream has been taken
To a place that doesn’t exist,

Dream. But when I dream again,
The passion will be rekindled,
and will begin to flow,
The peace-divine will over-flood…

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Mugano S. Paul Popularity

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