Muhammad Iqbal Hossain Rasik

Muhammad Iqbal Hossain Rasik Poems

1. The Stars Looking At 8/12/2016
2. Hope 8/27/2016
3. The Kite 8/28/2016
4. The Moving Clouds 8/30/2016
5. The Laughter Of Soul 9/9/2016
6. Wind 9/13/2016
7. A Theme 11/26/2016
8. A Rose 11/30/2016
9. A Lots Of 12/1/2016
10. Snow 12/1/2016
11. A Way 12/3/2016
12. The Sky 12/4/2016
13. Sweet Taste 12/6/2016
14. Colours Of Rainbow 12/6/2016
15. Love Goes 12/8/2016
16. A Star 12/9/2016
17. Just To Say 12/9/2016
18. A Drop Of Sleep 12/9/2016
19. Never Say Good Bye 12/14/2016
20. Remember 12/19/2016
21. Sorrows 12/20/2016
22. Oh! Love 12/26/2016
23. A Dew On The Kew 12/26/2016
24. Time 1/14/2017
25. Apple Tree 1/14/2017
26. Well Back 10/20/2015
27. Edge Of Nature 8/10/2016

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Best Poem of Muhammad Iqbal Hossain Rasik

Edge Of Nature

Love smiles in a row in the edge of nature
Love loves a moment of floating time in the edge of nature
Love knocking the door always in the edge of nature
Love follows a wind gathered by nature in the edge of nature
Love goes away by the way on the run in the edge of nature
Love suddenly welcomes a tone in the edge of nature
Love in a rainy day welcomed by rainbow in the edge of nature
Love in a moment makes a warm feelings in the edge of nature
Love in a row though loves a love in the edge of nature
Love welcomed by lovely lovely sounds in the edge of nature

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Well Back

Well back the past days
Keep the all hopes silent
Makes the greenish hope
The entire theme to the raft
Well back the
The entire hole, all down the mixing color
Well back did half done to the
Well done the nature did it
Keeps the love
Keeps it in silent
In a way to
Well back the all
To the silence all!

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