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Kabul falls into sheer peace,
Now 'Islam' enters into Afghanistan.
Ignorance dies on the battlefield.
The peace flows in the morning breeze.

O journey! 'O journey! Where are you going?
Why are you so blowing?
So strange are you,
From place to place, sometimes in a queue.

The grief consumes my flesh,
Here I lament my words!
They lashed and pillowed into my mind
The bones pains a memory of memories￾There is a chill in my body

You live into my imagination,
As young you are as old am I?
You dance, sing and reassure
Into my imagination!

Listen to your crescendo voice,
Cherished us like the bulbuls and sparrows;
Recalls those days in the honey sunlight,
In the shade of trees,

Madam madam, shining diamond,
Like the bloom on lonely island;
Coming office in the morning,
Festoon it and veil the mourning.

I write my poems freely walls of room
By looking natural sky through window's eyes,
The stars may add their beauties so me bloom;
My face is flattened as lonely air that flies.

My son, I found you lonely, haunting pains!
I lost thy life in duke of forest brook.
Why could not see I coffin float thee moors?
Where did they take to bury my heart and groom?

Ye birds! little birds! Thy twitter voice,
All After crippled by 'winter boys;
So After winter comes the spring,
By brings new life where creature sing.

The murk overlaps
The dawn; around
Eye-opener thereupon.
Therefore, the glossy morning

During cold days in pristine place,
heavy rainy season.
The cold as ugly gore and shrinks tightly; assembled as disguise form.
The balmy air blows and each Moment of gladness!

M. R. Malik Biography

Muhammad Rafi Malik(M.R.Malik) is a Kashmiri -english poet, writer and researcher, lives in a hamlet, Achabal, Rafiabad Kashmir. His father's name is Manzoor Ahmad Malik and mother's name is Haleema Bagum.He completed his masters in English literature as well as in Comparative Religion. His famous poems: To his honey son, Midnight's snowfall, After wintry winter, 'O journey, The Glossy Morning Breeze, etc. His published book is Bleeding Soul: A collection of poems, stories and quotations. You can get it from. https: //renascencepublishers.com/product/bleeding-soul/ https: //www.amazon.co.uk/Bleeding-Soul-collection-stories-quotations-ebook/dp/B09QBX82YB)

The Best Poem Of M. R. Malik

'Falling Kabul'

Kabul falls into sheer peace,
Now 'Islam' enters into Afghanistan.
Ignorance dies on the battlefield.
The peace flows in the morning breeze.

Falsehood hurls into the rill.
The spring expands and expresses
its victory!
It teaches women rights and modesty.
Human rights fly to the mist of mountains.

Yvonne Ridley allays pains and extols highly.
A woman like Ridley will take soothe breath of time.
Now, the world stops burning like forests.
Justice will prevail as Covid-19 vaccine.


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M. R. Malik Quotes

Society is like a pen and scholars are its ink

Love before marriage is illusion and lust, And love after marriage is solution and trust.

' Ocean of sarrow, tattered clothes and a broken heart can change your life.'

'Some writers write the books and interpret the world, some readers read them and change the world and some teachers teach them and make the world.'

'Don't commit suicide for the cause of miseries and miseries will one day become the cause of happiness.'

'If you want to destroy a nation, destroy it's language or history.'

'Imagination is the power of the lamp of the mind like the Sun's light that is itself imagination.It has wings and travels faster than the speed of light.If it overflows, it can either shine or dark the entire world.'

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