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I raised the elbow
I have seen the rainbow

Made in India

They stirred the smart children
to get ranks,

By ripping cheeks,
with cold breeze,
with twitter of sparrows,
Autumn came!



Plastic flowers
Lipstick lovers

Politicians - Satire

They preach democracy,
They practice hypocrisy,

I am mute
till her song,
entered my flute,
I played notes of beauty,

Mother of Seven Children

Mother of Seven Children,

The soil of the village
touched my soul
with ancient scent!

Childhood itself
Big wound!

Wound covers

When I encountered death,
'Ego' Evapourated!
Finally Death delivered final verdict!
All pain for power became in vain

Frozen Moment

Gentle dewdrops

The Prophet- Parrot Astrologer

Under a banyan tree
A parrot-astrologer sits,

Sky filled with stars
Tree filled with flowers
Ocean filled with waves
Mind filled with dreams

Try Again

There is no gain,
without pain,

His autograph became photograph
He is no more!
He sheds

Lonely leaf
at the feeble moment

Elections came

Again Elections!
Candidates came

Stone converted to sculpture
By series of strokes!

Bamboo converted to flute

I was trapped
in sensex
forgot to enjoy sex!

“Omkareswar “

“Narmada “

Mula Veereswara Rao Biography

Writing in English since 1990 got prize for the poem - 'politicians -Satire' in My popular poems are 'Autumn came, City, Lonely leaf and bonsai')

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I raised the elbow
I have seen the rainbow
It is the celebration of sky
My heart vibrates with joy
Rainbow happens on special moment
Busy life misses it in the speed movement
Waiting for rainbow,
In the raindrops Meadow,
Sky is not showing grace
Rainbow is not in trace

Rainbow with seven colors,
Appears to my beloved,
stays somewhere,
melts in the infinite sky!
Heart felts it’s gay
Rainbow is not mirage
It leaves image in my soul!

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Prof.Hrushikesha Mohanty 03 April 2009

Dear Sri Rao The poem is nice one - a true reflection. But bit local for outsiders to follow for many local issues involved. regards Hrushikesha

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