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I'm 18 too fine to be defined by the content of my heart,
I'm one of the beautiful people,

I don't want to be seen,

Bob's a boy six foot three
Hair is black, eyes are green
His smile is broad, shoulders are too
Bob's nickname is 'Little Boy Blue'

Moaning, Sticking, Scratching, Digging,
Ride me harder, tightly gripping,
Ectasy only moments away,
She holds me tighter as she violently shake,

'Me Against The Streets'

Cuz If I Gotta Move,
Then I Gotta Move It,
Cuz I Ain't Bout To Lose It,

Im All Bout The $Chedder$,
Get Mo, Get Doe$$$
$100 & $50 Yea I Get Those....,

Words are hollow,
Actions mean nothing,
When your dead....,

It all started in 1990,
Thatz when i was born with pain

My moms & my pops passed it down too me,

The most unrealistic thingz turn out to be a test to our own sanity,
Because thingz arent' always what they seem,
Thingz change,
they never stay the same,

In wordz of rapper 'Young Jeezy'
but... in my way lol

The N word....

Itz a word that most black pplz use to define 1 of there own
Itz a word i use frequently....,

In da $treetz of the South
You Cant' trust nobody
Ni***z might run-up on you with a 12 gauge $hotty
Royalities aint' free

Itz terminate on sight,
whether itz day or night,
insanity is logically the only way thatz right,
I give you all i got,

I open up my window and look down on the block
Hoping God would take time to smile on the block
The news and the media just frown on the block
Politicians don't wanna help us and I'm like 'thanks a lot'

All i want is a lil comment....,
Thatz all....,

Is dat too much too ask? ?

I swear....,
Tomorrow i'll look for a job,
Then again,
Maybe tomorrow there wont be any jobs,

I Remember When I Was 9th Grade School Ditchin,

Rollin Up & Still Sippin...

You Were My Angel….

But, What Happen To Your Wings? ?

'Only If You Was My Baby'

'You Got Me'

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A young man... with the mind & dreams that rival no others. Nah but, im light skinned, got crazy long hair & is bout to graduate high school lol But, i love ma life. Used to live in LA, Now im In CT. Im 18... I love writing poetry It's Sumthing that Actually Relief Stress From My Complicated Mind. Keeps Me From Doing Stupid Stuff, U know. But, Ima Very Open Person. I Like To Share Myself & My Thoughts With The World. I Love Hearing Others Opinions About Different Situation In Life. I May Not Always Agree With Them, But I Still Respect Ur Train Of Thought On The Subject. I Don't Think Theres Such Thing As 'Abusive Poetry'. Poetry Is Something That Comes Within Us... Soo Of Course It's Gonna Reflect Ur Thoughts & Emotions. In My Opionin, It's Perfectly O.k & Normal To Make Ur Poems Reflect U & your train of thought But... Thatz ju$t Me lol lol Just **HoLLa i wont bite lol -Rhee Rhee-)

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'Confessions Of A Playa'

I'm 18 too fine to be defined by the content of my heart,
I'm one of the beautiful people,

I don't want to be seen,
I don't want to talk to you,
I want you to be the next victim,
Cuz hey you will be my next prey,
Another girl falling for a light-skinned brotha,
You are just another silly girl,
Caught in my web of deception & lies
I'm 18 too fine to be defined, so I will
not apologize for my perversions.

Your only part one in my 3 step process,
Success will be your older sister
To me this is just a test in the end,
Whether or not I can sleep with you,
Your sister or even your best friend,
I'm 18 too fine to be defined by the calculating evil in my brain,
All I care is satisfying the pleasure of my soul,
I have no remorse for all the pain i've caused,
I am brilliant, and after all brilliance is 80% insane.
I picked you out all by myself,
I will rob what's left of your dignity with my cunning and stealth.

I'm 18 too fine to be defined by my own lack of self respect,
Too wild too dumb to keep my emotions in check,
Too bad, too late, because your going back to my place,
In two hours, two Trojans will tattoo a smile on your face,
One down, many more too go
In two weeks your gonna know,
The true meaning of hurt and humiliation,
When you think that I love you....,

I'm 18 too fine to be defined ….,
May heaven have mercy on my soul for what I do too yall girls

**Note: i dont do this to women.... im just weird for writing this lol lol

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