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Mr. Murty is a Post Graduate in Applied mathematics (1972) and English Literature (1984) from the Andhra University, Waltair, Visakhapatnam. Primarily interested in reading, he became a poet by accident when one of his comments 'It takes a lifetime to die' while commenting about a martyr, were encouraged by his friend to shape them into a poem. ...

Murty N S Poems

A Night Sans Mercy

Long is the night
My soul rests somewhere
I am alone with my children.

Dream, My Boy! Dream!

Dream my boy! Dream!
Dream to rid of your rote monotony.
Dream if you dare! Dream to show you have guts!
But never dream for the sake of dreaming.
For, dreaming is but to take up cudgels against adversity.

In Articulo Mortis

When I meet eternity
In the cold embrace of death,
The last perception I want
My neurons deliver me


A good poem is like a passionate dame.
When she courts you,
She embraces you… deftly dropping her veils.
The more you caress, the more she dotes on you.


Flowing through the inky darkness
Smugly between the ridges of the tongue
And grating the page with its tip
Is my poem.

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