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He express his own feeling by writing them down in a form of a poem to shear them with other people. You might find them touching, but he find it relieving to write them down. He is not perfect but he strive to be the best. He was not born this way, JESUS CHRIST changed his life.

Mr. Musa Ndhlovu was born on the 4th of April 1994 at a clinic of ...

Musa Ndhlovu Poems

Let Me End This

Let me end this,
It is not what I had in mind.
End it? Not like this
But how can I use my mind?

Royalty That Rule My Love

Hear me call
Go not outside looking for me,
Deep deep as a well
In thy heart I stand I say.

I Miss That Part

I miss that part,
The very same part
That came every night before I sleep.
It happened before you sleep.

The Moment I Never Had

The Moment I never had,
Is the one that kept running
In our minds; the one we once
Hoped for. I somehow thought


My land Africa.
My home Africa.
My place of birth Africa.
Loved by A, Amateur, Against and Anger are the south Africans.

Musa Ndhlovu Quotes

22 November 2014

You know when you know what you know.

25 November 2014

Its hard to forget something while you have its remaining with you.

25 November 2014

If you don't understand my words, You will never understand my silence.

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Musa Ndhlovu 21 June 2014


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Musa Ndhlovu 21 June 2014


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Christopher Cariad 02 November 2013

Really great biography. I really enjoyed your poetry and look forward in your progression as a writer. Keep your pen strong and your voice of words steady to a greater path of words immortal.

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