MxOLisi DhlaDhla Poems

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Welcome To The 21st Century

BEHOLD the 21st Century!
Where Our Brothers&Sisters Are In Penitentiary,
Some Accomplished homicide,
While Others Commited Suicide.

The Empty-Minded Poet

I Took A Pen I was Satisfied To Write,
I Tried Too Write BUT,
But I Didnt Know What Was On My Mind,
I Thought To Deep And Deep But Still Nothing Pops Up.

Earth Without Mountains

Have You Wondered? ,
Have You Imagined? ,
Have You Thought of it? ,
Earth Without Mountains.

Happy Born Day To You.

Happy born day,
Happy born day,
Happy born day,
You getting old.

When Im All Alone

When im alone;
My feelings are too deep,
My words are too simple,
My imagination is too freed.

To My Sons, About The Sun.

It rise There, yet set there,
A planet out of earth atmosphere,
No uncertainty, he is redhot,
Although he still have his own thoughts.

Gospel151: ....Reborn Of Poet's Poetry

His was feeble
His was inferior
Poetry of....
Poetry of him

Gospel152: .... The Dawn Of Earth (What The Lord Gave Us)

For the lord created
For he used lexis to do so,
Broke a proverb that reads: ''Actions speak louder than lexis''.

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