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The Best Poem Of Mykell Arome Usman

Skinny Maria.

Send a letter to my Skinny Maria
But don't tell her of the crime I did
Tell her of her unsung pulchritude
Beauty embellished with melanin.

October, the daffodils nod their heads
And the air, a mixture of laughter 'nd regret
Time sweeps moments, Time is a long broom
But it won't sweep away these memories.

Me and Maria; supine, laying on a green pasture
The night sky with shimmering stars all over
Like rice grains planted on a swamp land
On river bank, laughed at our reflection on the water.

Thirsty, I broke a coconut, we drank its sweet water
She said it reminded her of Jesus, broken
A fountain of living water for the throats that thirst
I was an Oasis, and she the only flower that sprouted.

I young, I old, I die, I am planted
October bloom, Daffodil flowers blossom on my grave
By the shores of Eternity, l still look down
And still gaze upon my Skinny Maria.

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