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Do the uh oh
Uh oh
Oh no
Not that again

Moments moments
They all mesh

Fickle fickle
Go eat a pickle
Let it trickle down your dimple
The zesty flavour overwhelms

Like a rake
Against a stone paved walkway
The air is still


I don't know how to put it in English terms
The forte of weight
Boom bong
Kiss kiss

Rain drops fall,
One at a time
You can hear them clear
What do you feel?

Layers peeled
Off with their heads
For now


To be
In a tree
Free free free
Lyrical lucidity

I see the light
It's over there
Down that way

Ever present
Not to the untrained eye
Masked beneath expressionless
Still present, not shown

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Do The Uh Oh

Do the uh oh
Uh oh
Oh no
Not that again
Once you get started young one
There's not stoppin ya
You want to change?
Oh dear
Well then
Get started
Break your habits
Dont need em
One step at a time...
Two steps if you can
Try a little hop once in a while
If you're well and able
Do the uh oh
There you go

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Nadia Dudas Popularity

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