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I have no bio...I'm just your average everyday person who tried my hands at wanting to write children books. In the process I wrote a few Rhymes but, seems to have turned into poems? lol. I do have a love for travel but, cannot afford to see the places I would love to see. Africa is one of those places. It's the reason I wrote " The Namib Desert" .

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Nadia 29 March 2018 have not been on here for quite some time...but, yes you may... I'm honored. Thanks.

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Lauren Maker 29 March 2018

HI Nadia, We would love to use your poems for our website. Would that be okay, obviously we will mention your name. Please let me know. Thanking you Lauren - Personal Collection by TA. We are a tour operator that sells Africa. See our facebook page.

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Lauren 29 March 2018

Hi Nadia, could you please allow me to use your beautiful poems for our website. Obviously we will mention you. Please let me know soonest. Thanking you Lauren

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In Tanzania you will see
there's whats called a sausage tree
on the tree is a fruit
looks like a sausage
but, it's a fruit
Elephants and Hippos eat from this tree
for them this is a delicacy.

Want to see the greatest show
Then the Serengeti Plains is the place to go
Millions of wildbeast migrating for a cause
Now lets take a moment to pause...
Lions, Gazelles, Rhino's and Cheetahs
Antelopes, Hyena's and Zebra's
Hundreds of thousand different varity
of wild beast you will see in Serengeti.

Next is Kilimanjo
The highest mountain to the east
It is not an easy feat
to dare to climb this magnifacent peak.
Reaching up to the skies
Kilimanjo was large in size
I did not attempt to climb
I decided to leave that behind.
If taking the hike to the top
go by moonlight and you will see
Glasiers glisen by the glow of the moon
by seeing this it would make you swoon
to visit Kilimanjo by the light of the moon.

Last but not least
If you hear a whistle
this could very well be
from the whistling tree.
On the tree is a thorn
where ants live to make a home
making holes in a blub of the thorn
so, when the wind blows comes the whistling noise.

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