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You are my love bird
Do not give me pain
On my heart
When you stay away from me

Today sitting on my balcony
Alone, all alone with broken mind
With some hope on broken heart
Waiting for a good moment

Rain is drooping cats and dogs
Since morning
I am watching and watching
A 19 year old boy is standing

No more tears on my eyes
I promise me today
it will be a new beginning
from sun rise

Ab koyi manjil nahi hai
na koyi sathi
dur dur tak
srif andera hi chaya hai

When I look at the sky
I want to be a star.
When I look in the river
I want to be water.

When, I have come here
on which way
far, far away,
being alone,

One new home
One new bed
Thousands of dreams
On the mind,

Don't cry
my friend, don't cry
I am always stay
on your side,

Today's sky is black
From any other day,
From any other moment.
Different from any other black sky,

I am now at my home
staying with my family
and parents.
please, please, please

I want to walk all alone
on the valley of depression
one more time
in my life.

blue is the colour of love
and blue is also the colour of hurt (break up) .
blue is happiness,
every one want to fly

looser means not defeated
gone away means not finished
if sorrows come vastly to you
remember me

Life runs with time side by side
Like a running river
Which returns
On the same old bank.

আধার কালো আকাশ আমার,
বৃষ্টি ঝরে নীরবে
ভেঙ্গে পড়ে ঝড়ে
তোর দেয়া ব্যথার গর্জনে,

How could i forget
talking at night,
waiting for your phone calls
at sleepless night.

A brand new morning
without job
a brand new dream
without hope.

Rain of love is falling from
Feel it on your heart,
drown in here

আমি দেখাতে পারি না আর
বিলাসিতা দুঃখের
তাই বলছি তোমায়
ভালোবাসি না,

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One life, one earth, live, love and be happy.)

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Love Bird

You are my love bird
Do not give me pain
On my heart
When you stay away from me
I behave like a mad
I will give you golden bengals
White nosepin
Without you
i feel helpless,
Without you
I am sleepless
Please dont go away
Stay close
I am lover of you
I love only you
My love bird.

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Love is endless emotion.

সুখ নিজের মাঝেই থাকে, খুজে নিতে হয়।

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