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N A K E D T H O U G H T Poet, Word Sorcerer, Spoken Word Artist,
Naked Thought has been mesmerizing audiences with performance poetry since the age of six. Multi-talented, a seeker of ultimate expression, consummate wordsmith and spoken spell we ...

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Warrior Marks

I was ten
Womanhood emerging, bursting blossoming
Miraculous metamorphosis a magical springtime
Curves everywhere bomb ass legs, thick thighs, good and plenty ass
Aw shit when did all this get here?

I was ten
Skin couldn't keep up with lushness
Full roundness casualty of puberty
Stretch marks appeared Wondering Terrified awe
Witnessing girl to woman transformation

I was ten
Stretch marks were okay Didn't know enough to mind them
Until revealing glory to Mama she Disgusted
Afraid for my blatant femininity, burgeoning fertility
Searing heart …brain with her comment
'I hope the man you marry don't mind them'

I was ten
Stretch marks emblazoned in shame
Hiding began pretty legs now grotesque
Each stripe branded with Mama's hatred of feminine
She transmitted diabolic shit

Thirty-six now
Warrior Marks Badge of Honor Sacred Wounding Trial by Fire
Warrior Marks Proudly claim every stripe
Warrior Marks Empowered beauty
Warrior Marks… mine

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Naked Thought Popularity

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