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Beautiful Black Girl

Skin smooth as butter,
Attitude fierce as ever,
She walks with a confident sway,
Curly brown hair falling at her shoulders

She'sa queen in her eyes.
She knows her worth but tends to fall victim to love
Day after day she contemplates on change,

One day she woke up and decided the change has to start with her,
Beginning to work on herself one day at a time,
She came to realization she was comfortable being by herself
Learning her likes and dislikes, her wants, her needs, her flaws & all

She needed self awareness, learning to love herself, learning to deal with life.
She asked herself WHAT IS MY DREAM?
It stumbled her, she realized she didn't know the answer.

She hasn't took control of her life,
Opinions of what is thought of her was her only thoughts of herself.
The advice of others made her decisions.
She realized at that point it was her life,
All her life she's been searching for herself
She thought maybe the love of a man would help her understand herself better.
When that didn't fall through she was left broken, lost and confused.
She questioned every decision she made,
Every turn she took, every word she spoke.

Life decided it was time to humble her,
To make her aware of the anger,disappointment, & hectic out breakswasn't worth it.
Her life changed in a blink of a eye.

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