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Segmented lives
story line of a new movie
badly edited
one thing does not lead to another

(For Arundhati Roy)
How can you do that?
Have a mind of your own
and a dissident voice

Morning ritual of shared coffee
with a tea person should make you wary

It could just be their ruse

We are the wild things
that grew up too soon
and submitted to taming, only to be
haunted by dreams of wilderness rest of our lives

A jigger of whisky and a jigger of vodka
together in mango juice
taste horrible
not recommended at all -

"A man shall not live by bread alone"

We nurture the highest in each other
without depleting granary of our offering

Keep your weakest moments to yourself
For their shadows are often interminable
The memories haunting
Their fruits bitter

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Nalini Priyadarshni is a writer, poet, passionate reader and observer of life in all its forms who draws her lessons from her myriad experiences. She lives in India with her husband and two feisty kids and likes to travel and work out. Her poems have appeared in anthologies like Puppet on a String, Angels vs Demons, Words on the Winds of Change. Her book and movie reviews and other articles appear on EzineArticles. For more on Nalini, log on to

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