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Stuart Mason 13 July 2006

A powerful poet. I want to hear these poems read out loud, ranted out loud. The best poet i've come across on this site.

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The Best Poem Of Nan Sucuz


Child in hand,

Mother and father called her Nancy,

This little child was born to this world,

A small little thing,

Just had 7 months to prepare to meet the world,

But came out strong and ready to fight back,

As time went on this girl who was ready to fight and willing to do anything,

Was out of life,

The world she was born into had sucked all the life out of her,

The love that she had for her love ones turned to hate,

Everything that was around her,

She hated,

Life, love, friendship,

She hated everything,

A girl of 9 years old,

Who should have been playing in the park and having fun,

Instead was home cooking and cleaning and taking care of two little kids,

This girl who doesn't remember having a childhood,

Was now an adult,

Adult in mind, child at heart,

She was force to think with her mind and not with her heart,

She was force to obey and do what she was told,

Parents who once loved her and showed it every day,

Now once in a while would say hi,

Older sisters and brothers who should have been her role models,

Were never there,

Who instead of them being the role models,

She was a role model for them,

Force to grow up for the well being of her family,

Was sitting in a classroom once,

And wrote on her paper,

I want to die,

The 1st time she came out in the air and showed her true colors,

No more hiding,

The time has come to show this world who she has become,

Once a strong fighter,

Now a girl that sits in the corner and wishes that when she sleeps to never wake up,

Who am i?

That's the question she would ask herself,

Full of hate and hurt,

This girl was thrown into the dark and step all over,

People who once said i love you,

Were the ones who hurt-ed her the most,

Heart broken was something she was use to,

There wasn't a day that she wouldn't cry,

And damn her life,

Why would she live on? ,

Her life was filled with pain,

People backstabbing her,

People breaking her heart,

People not understanding her,

People making fun of her,

People not helping her,

And most of all,

She didn't love herself,

She hated the fact that she had to live another day looking the way she did,

Fat! ,

That's what her sisters would scream,


That's what her brothers would scream,

No one ever accepted her for who she was,

No one saw that deep inside this razor sharp knifes she called skin,

Was a heart,

A warm, lovable, understanding,

And most of all, welling to take any one in,

This heart that has been thorough alot,

Still keeps up with her pulse and even though

It has gone through hell,

It knows how to love,

It responds back to any love touch,

But no one sees that,

No one sees the real Nancy,

Every one sees this girl who loves to play it off,

Who doesn't show that deep inside,

She sheds blood instead of tears!

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