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From the diversity of my complexion's tone
and the uniqueness of my structured cheekbones.
My Black Is Beautiful!

Interracial Love

I found love, not within my race
but in another ethnic place

The strength of a woman is her kindhearted ways
that she forever displays.

It's her loving confident smile that takes you to the

My Black Is Beautiful and it comes in
all shades even with a low-cut fade
from dreads, waves, and bald heads
that have been shaved.

Don't Judge the Color of My Skin

Don't judge me for the color of my skin.
But from the substance, I have within.

The strength of a man is his arms
that protect you and keep you warm.

It is his caring ways

Softly smooth gentle to the eye.
Oh, so fragile and sweet to smell
a woman is a blessing from the sky.

I am picturing us floating on a cloud

gazing into each other eyes.

I pledge I will never give up.
No matter what the odds may be
I will still pursue victory.
Even when it appears I can go no farther.

Sometimes, when one person like you is missing
in my presence, the entire world seems depopulated.
I miss you every night,
occasionally I will see you in my dreams.

Lost within You

I envision

A rose is like love it's
beautiful to embrace
with the kind of grace.

The Final Goodbye

When we laid your body to rest
the agony of pain enters my chest.

Prayer for our First Lady

Heavenly Father in the sky continues to give the
First Lady strength to be by the president's side.


My heart beats with excitement my eyes cry
Tell me Rose why?

Is it because my emotion sighs

Light of inspiration rise
in your soul, while pain of struggle
comes in a form of disguise.

A loving man is like a rose
His love is precious to hold.

For his affection is not fake to feel

Love's Acknowledgement

Time passes us by and the days grow dim,
I find myself getting caught up in the world's activities

I'm your precious Prince…
My emotions are full of gems please treasure them.
I have innocent thoughts but my actions
cause negative reactions that cause major

Mother's Love

Draped in my affection safe and sound
protecting you from things that might

Naomi Johnson Biography

About the Author Naomi Johnson was born in Newark and raised in East Orange, New Jersey. She is the youngest daughter of Mamie Timmons and the late Fred Johnson. Naomi has two sisters living and one brother who passed away. She attended the Newark and East Orange school district. After graduated from high school, Naomi went on to college; to receive her A.S. degree in Early Childhood and B.A., majoring in Elementary Education. As she was pursuing her degrees, Naomi worked as a Teacher's Aid and as a Substitute Teacher/Provisional Teacher in the Newark school system. After that, she landed a teaching job at Chade private school as a kindergarten teacher. A few years later, Naomi returned to college to pursue a certification in Teaching with The Handicapped and M.A degree in Teaching with Technology. While pursuing her Master, she was faced with a horrific car accident that abruptly ended her career. Through her pain and recovery, she found the strength within from her spiritual faith to pursue a career in writing. This prolific writer and illustrator set her mind to venture her talent elsewhere. She does most of her illustrations and with some help from her son Deshon. A few of Deshon's artwork and photographs are exhibited in the book. Later on in life, she started to write poetry after the tragic death of her brother Eugene Richard Bufford Jr. from gun violence. Due to the death of her brother and her car accident, Naomi fused her two talents to write this book of uplifting poems and illustrations. Naomi developed at least eight sites. You can find her artwork by Google Naomi Johnson artwork.)

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My Black Is Beautiful 1 (Woman)

From the diversity of my complexion's tone
and the uniqueness of my structured cheekbones.
My Black Is Beautiful!

The bold hue of my skin
I am a woman who displays courage from within.
My skin color is the strength of royal pride
I dare not hide.

Because I love myself and the color that I represent
for it's a symbol of eloquence.
Look at me, there is nothing like my features…
What you see is neither an illusion nor a delusion.
It's a stunning gift of natural beauty from God,
so don't dismiss.

Black is the color of power and it is prestigious.
It exemplifies confidence and style
which is a blessing by my ancestors of the Nile.

I am beautiful from the inside out.
These words in this poetry are true, I have no doubt.
There is no one who can reform my mind.
Black has always been beautiful since the beginning
of time.

It is the color of honor and grace,
I am proud to have my Afrocentric face.
That cannot be taken away or replaced.

So do not make any mistakes… appreciate
My Black is Beautiful and exceptionally great.

(C) By Naomi Johnson

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Naomi Johnson Popularity

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