Narsinh Mehta Poems

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Cold, Cold Is My Bed In Winter!

Cold, cold is my bed in winter!But for my
Lord, who will embrace me passionately?
Cold, cold is my bed in winter!

Always Up To Some Prank

Always up to some prank, this mischievous little Govindji over there
It's always I who has to suffer!
As this little cowherd foolishly totters, the girl becomes fervid!
Always up to some prank, this mischievous little Govindji over there

Be Still, Be Still, O Moon, Do Not Make The Dawn Yet

Be still, be still, O moon, do not make the dawn yet,
The life of my life has come to my home!
It is after hundreds of millions of lives of penance,
That I have attained my Vitthal, my love!

Vaishnav Jan To

Speak only as godlike of the man who feels another's pain
Who shares another's sorrow and pride does disdain

Leave This River Full Of Lotuses

`Leave this river full of lotuses, child
You might wake up our master fast asleep.
He will definitely not spare you if he wakes
Moreover, the sin of murdering a mere child will be on our heads!

You May Have Obtained Nama

You may have obtained nama, but without Rama
Your title of Vaishnava is barren like a cradle in a childless home
Or a marriage procession without groom!

Awake O Jadava

Awake O Jadava, O Krishna the cowherd!
Who will take the cows to graze?
When hundreds of cowherds come thronging
Who will be their leader?

The Flute Resonates Today!

The flute resonates today! The flute resonates today!
The women dance with the lord, dance, and sing as they play!
The flute resonates today!

When I Wake Up, The World Recedes From My Sight

When I wake up, the world recedes from my sight.
Only in sleep, its bewildering miseries and enjoyment perplexes me!
My being is a play of the Consciousness:
The brahman playing with the brahman!

Look, Who Is Roving In The Sky!

Look, who is roving in the sky!
I am he, I am he, the echoing word replies!
At the feet of the dark one, I wish to die
For simply matchless is my beloved Krishna!

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