Narsinh Mehta

[Adi Kavi] (1414? – 1481? / Talaja, Bhavnagar, Gujarat / India)

Narsinh Mehta Poems

1. Pointless It Is To Lament 6/27/2012
2. Dearer Than Life Is The Vaishnava To Me 6/27/2012
3. She Plays With The Dark One 6/27/2012
4. O Saints, We Are The Traders Of Rama's Name! 6/27/2012
5. The Sap Of The Earth Has Spread Through The Branches 6/27/2012
6. How Merrily The Girls Watch The Procession Of The Fine Young Groom! 6/27/2012
7. When I Wake Up, The World Recedes From My Sight 6/27/2012
8. Be Still, Be Still, O Moon, Do Not Make The Dawn Yet 6/27/2012
9. This Dark Night- My Enemy 6/27/2012
10. How Will I Worship You, Krishna 6/27/2012
11. The Sea Of Ecstasy Has Ebbed And Gone, Dear Friend 6/27/2012
12. As If It Was Rapture Of Rains Of Milk 6/27/2012
13. At What Auspicious Hour Did You Stick To Me Like A Bindi , O Dark One? 6/27/2012
14. Cherish Red, Love, For The Beautiful Season Is Tinged With Red! 6/27/2012
15. Cover Me With A Blanket O Kanha, 6/27/2012
16. Don’t Untie The Threads Of My Choli 6/27/2012
17. Don'T Wake Me Up Vigorously, O Madhukar! 6/27/2012
18. Enjoy This Girl And Celebrate The Night! 6/27/2012
19. Fair One, In The Middle Of The Night 6/27/2012
20. Her Eyes Twinkle In The Veil Like The Light Of Dawn! 6/27/2012
21. I’ll Tie You To My Bed With Garland Of Flowers 6/27/2012
22. Listen, My Beautiful One 6/27/2012
23. It's My Beloved Over There At Midnight 6/27/2012
24. Last Night My Lord Went Away Seeing Me Asleep 6/27/2012
25. Lift Your Veil, Mischievous Girl 6/27/2012
26. Ma! The Dark Cobra With Pearl 6/27/2012
27. My Lord, Embrace Me Deeply 6/27/2012
28. No One Understands My State 6/27/2012
29. Play 'Raas' With Us Love 6/27/2012
30. Ravishing Is Her Youth Dear 6/27/2012
31. Someone Silence That Bird 6/27/2012
32. Let's Go And Play Dear Friend 6/27/2012
33. Sweet Flute, Tell Us What Austerities Have You Performed? 6/28/2012
34. Tell Me Truly, My Dark Beloved 6/28/2012
35. By The Grace Of The Holy Ones 6/28/2012
36. Come Friend! Let's Go And Behold... 6/28/2012
37. Dark Clouds Thunder And Madhava Dances! 6/28/2012
38. Essence Of Essence Is The Birth Of The Weaker Sex 6/28/2012
39. Great Is The Wealth Of Bhakti... 6/28/2012
40. In The Middle Of The Night 6/28/2012
Best Poem of Narsinh Mehta

Vaishnav Jan To

Speak only as godlike of the man who feels another's pain
Who shares another's sorrow and pride does disdain

Who regards himself lowliest of the low
Speaks not a word of evil against anyone
Blessed is the mother who gave birth to such a son

Who looks upon everyone as his equal,
Lust he has renounced
Who honors women like he honors his mother
Whose tongue knows not the taste of falsehood

Nor covets another's worldly goods
Who longs not for worldly wealth (or fame)
For he treads the path of renunciation
Ever on his lips is Ram's holy name ...

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I Won’t Let You Embrace!

I won’t let you embrace! I won’t let you drink the nectar from my lips!
Why are you so lustful, young one of Nanda?
I won’t let you embrace! I won’t let you drink the nectar from my lips!

Unstained is the name of our family you will only bring us dishonor,
Beloved of Laxmi, just stay away from me!
I won’t let you embrace! I won’t let you drink the nectar from my lips!

Once I see you, I feel like relishing you, love, tell me how am I to hold myself back!

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