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i was listening
to this man

i'm having a problem now
listening to blind willie mctell
i don't want it to end
don't want to hear it again

last week the highs were in the sixties
this week lows in the sixties
i watch the sky tonight
but i won't learn the names of the stars

things get bad sometimes
things get confusing sometimes
so confusing
a person cannot tell

angus and bon really could do it
it's a lie
that's the truth
greek mythology

i have lust-

in the mad bowl of la brea
gases push through

we would walk casually
across the golf course
just enjoying a stroll
through the autumn night

humanity's social classrooms
on the job training
grooming the best of scum
uncommonly common

rat meets koo
on a autumn friday night
in a hot car
through roland

spring is in the air
and somewhere
there is a union electrician
he's got my number

i wanted that stylized jetbird
chrome bent wingtipped rocket-hawk
nine years before
i was sent-enced here

i'm in this bar
think it's haunted
watching this slick band

i dont know what your problem is
but i suspect you are deceitful
and possibly two faced

sometimes i sit here
i think i'll find an answer
many times i sit here


pearl, she bangs
five times
every seven hundred and twenty degrees
sitting at the stoplight

rat slave to the twang
who's father was lynched
for freeing their niggers
the moto space trace

now when i feel the tide rise
i stay low
no more cresting
dancing crashing

jukebox lover
slidell girl
always got the twist
soul so soft, eyes so bright

four a.m.
rosie's bar
turn the switch
while you feel the metal contact

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well read (semi-literate) hooligan purging and celebrating a complex and chaotic life
everything else is just details.
well this has been alot of fun, but now is the time for changing modes though. when you are writing, you aren't living. i have been given a chance to do a little living. i am still going to write, but mostly in a different mode. i will be continuing my blog 'studies in gutter elegance - finer things on the skids' at http: // this will document a light resto of a '77 stroked and raked glide. that is what i anticipate anyway. if you would like to contact me during this absence you can e mail me at i hope you enjoy this short time in my life.

The Best Poem Of Nat Z. Punx

Judas Priest

i was listening
to this man

on the radio
said that

in some of the hertic scripture
judas was the hero

jesus needed and asked
judas to deny him

from this mortal coil
too confusing

makes me happy god made me agnostic

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Nat Z. Punx Popularity

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